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Elite Smart Trainers

How Elite Smart Trainers Work with TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad supports compatible Elite smart trainers through the ANT+ FE-C protocol or via Bluetooth 4.0. Elite trainers that are not compatible still can be used with TrainerRoad with our VirtualPower feature. Check out this link for more information on VirtualPower.

If you are using an Elite trainer, all you need is TrainerRoad. You do not need to use the Elite software or head unit to use TrainerRoad.



Here are the Elite smart trainers that support ERG mode via ANT+ FE-C or Bluetooth:

  • Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+
  • Elite Rampa
  • Elite Real E-Motion B+
  • Elite Real Turbo Muin B+
  • Elite RealAxiom B+
  • Elite RealTour B+
  • Elite Drivo
  • Elite Drivo II
  • Elite Direto

Here are the Elite smart trainers we support as ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart power meters:

  • Elite Qubo Power Smart B+
  • Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+
  • Elite Kura

Here are the Elite trainers we support via VirtualPower:

  • Elite Arion
  • Elite Arion Digital
  • Elite Arion Mag
  • Elite E-Motion
  • Elite Novo Force
  • Elite Qubo Digital
  • Elite Qubo Fluid
  • Elite Qubo Power Mag Pack
  • Elite Real Turbo Muin B+
  • Elite Turbo Muin

The Muin's Wheel Circumference should be set to 2070mm when using VirtualPower and a speed sensor. You can adjust the Wheel Circumference settings under the Settings tab of your app.





For users with the Elite Misuro B+ Speed/Cadence/Power sensor, follow the Elite instructions regarding wheel circumference. This is (actual wheel circumference in mm/ 13.2). Enter this figure into the above setting.

Check out all the Elite trainers supported by VirtualPower.

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