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Bkool Smart Trainers


Notice About Bkool Functionality:

Bkool had indicated that there was a bug in their firmware that caused the resistance adjustment problems many Bkool users were experiencing.

They've recently released a firmware update with a fix for this, which is necessary for the best performance and functionality. Read on below for instructions on how to update the Bkool firmware.

How Bkool Smart Trainers Work with TrainerRoad

TrainerRoad supports Bkool trainers through the ANT+ smart trainer profile, otherwise known as "FE-C". In order to pair your Bkool trainer to TrainerRoad through ANT+, you'll need the required ANT+ hardware and an FE-C-enabled Bkool trainer.

An FE-C-enabled trainer allows for TrainerRoad to control your trainer in accordance with a workout's profile. Check out this article for more information on the FE-C standard.

How do I Know if My Bkool Trainer is FE-C-Enabled?

Neither Bkool trainer model (the Pro or the Classic) ships with FE-C functionality. Luckily, enabling your Bkool trainer with FE-C capabilities is a pretty painless process. We've outlined the steps for you below.

Things to note regarding FE-C-Enabled Bkool Trainers:

1. Bkool trainers purchased before August of 2014 must have their firmware updated to include the FE-C upgrade.

2. Trainers that are not fully paid off with Bkool will not have the ability to upgrade to support FE-C.

3. Trainers with version 3.02 cannot be updated to ANT+ FE-C protocol as the electronic card was not designed to permit this feature.

Upgrading Your Bkool Trainer to Support FE-C

Changing a Bkool trainer into the ANT+ FE-C protocol is quite easy, just follow the steps (see screenshots enclosed):

1. Plug the trainer in.
2. Open Bkool simulator and click on Settings. 


3. Then click on Pair my devices. The Bkool trainer will be detected then.


4. If the ANT+ FE-C protocol is not enabled yet, a button to change it will appear. Push that button.


5. Finally pair the trainer again to the simulator, clicking on the + icon on the right side of the screen.


To check if your Bkool is already ANT+ FE-C enabled, you can pair their trainer to the Bkool Simulator app, go to settings, and click on "About App".

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