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The Wattbike is a stationary bike that measures power output. You can learn more about the Wattbike here.

Is the Wattbike compatible with TrainerRoad?

Yes! The Wattbike can connect to TrainerRoad as a power meter via ANT+ or Bluetooth. However, speed data won't be recorded in TrainerRoad.

If you have a heart rate monitor paired to your Wattbike head unit, it's not possible to rebroadcast the HR data to TrainerRoad. To use HR data with TrainerRoad, you'll need to pair your heart rate monitor directly to the TrainerRoad app.

Connecting the Wattbike to TrainerRoad

The Wattbike comes with a head unit that broadcasts the data to TrainerRoad. There are two different models of the Wattbike head unit.

  • Model A Monitor- Can broadcast via ANT+ only.  NOTE: Model A Monitor can be upgraded to Model B for £350 if the user sends their old monitor to WattBike
  • Model B Monitor- Can broadcast via Bluetooth or ANT+.  NOTE: Not all Model B Monitors come standard with Bluetooth.  If you have a non-Bluetooth-enabled version, you can upgrade the monitor for £75.  You will need to send the monitor to WattBike for this, and unfortunately, this service is only available to users in the UK at this time.

The video below will show you how to pair the Wattbike to TrainerRoad. If this doesn't help, take a look at the detailed instructions from Wattbike.

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