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Workout Snippets

Workout snippets are prefabricated, commonly-used intervals or groups of intervals that are included in the Workout Creator. Snippets can be used to make creating workouts easier and faster.

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Snippets Included in the Workout Creator

Stepped Warm Up

A nine-minute warm up consisting of increases in power every two minutes.

Sweet Spot Warm Up

A twelve-minute warm up that includes a three-minute interval spent at "sweet spot".

1-Minute Interval

A one-minute interval with a default %FTP of 100%.

5-Minute Interval

A five-minute interval with a default %FTP of 100%.

20-Minute Interval

A twenty-minute interval with a default %FTP of 97%.

Over Unders

A five-minute series of intervals that puts the rider slightly above and below their FTP.

*Note that all snippets' durations and %FTPs can be manipulated.

How to Use Workout Snippets

Inputting snippets into your workout is as easy as clicking and dragging. Simply click the snippet you'd like to include, and drag it to the point in the workout you would like to place it.

Of course, you can tweak the start/end time of the snippet once dropped in. You can also edit the intensity (% FTP) of the intervals within the snippet.

I accidentally deleted a snippet. How do I get it back?

You can repopulate the entire list of snippets by deleting all of them, closing the Workout Creator, and reopening it. All the snippets will reappear after this.

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