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Alternate Workout Versions

As somewhat of a Bailout spin-off, alternate versions came about in recognition of the fact that many workouts could be usefully scaled up or down.

In doing so, riders are offered a slightly altered or more substantially modified version of a workout that retains nearly all of the intended training stimuli as the original workout while tailoring the alternate versions in specific ways. 


Alternate versions contain modifications that might add or reduce intensity, recovery or the number of intervals, and in some cases, they might even modify the interval format a bit just to name a few tweaks.


Example: Katahdin - A prime example of the variety of modifications you might encounter when you browse through a list of alternate workout versions is Katahdin (pictured above). 

This honey of a RAB (Reduced Amplitude Billats) workout leaves a lot of opportunity for tweaking and can be modified to address a host of limiters or weaknesses.

Available Alternates

Available alternate workout versions are indicated in a number of ways. The first and most obvious is the +/- prefix added to each alternate, e.g. Katahdin +1, Katahdin -3.

You'll also notice some additional Description text beginning with "Modification" such as the text added to Katahdin +1 which states, "Modification: floats between Billats are elevated from 88% FTP to 92% FTP."


Finally, you'll see the same additional Description text on the workouts web page, and soon enough you'll be able to link to each workout's alternate versions through the TrainerRoad app itself. 


Types of Modifications 

Sticking with Katahdin as an example, each + version has increased the demand in one way or another. In this case, the +1 version increases the intensity of the recovery floats, the +2 version adds extra Billats and the +3 version combines both up-modifications.

Katahdin's -1 version adds some additional recovery, its -2 version reduces the intensity of the Billats but keeps them within VO2max territory and the -3 version combines both down-modifications.



Over time, you'll see more and more of these alternate versions crop up, but you're also welcome to use our Workout Creator to create your own modified workout versions if your chosen modification isn't available. 

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