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TrainerRoad Keyboard Shortcuts

TrainerRoad offers handy keyboard shortcuts for some of the most common commands you'll use during a workout.

Workout Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts during a workout to adjust intensity, to play, pause, or resume the workout.

Change Intensity

Up/Down Arrows

Increase or decrease the intensity of a workout with the up/down arrows.

Toggle Workout Text


Turn workout text on or off using the "W" key.

Play/Pause Workout


Play, pause, or resume a workout by pressing the Spacebar.

Toggle Heart Rate Data


Show or hide heart rate data and graph in the workout player using the "H" key.

The data will still be collected if hidden.

Smart Trainer Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to change the mode or resistance of your smart trainer.

Change Trainer Mode


Press "T" to toggle your smart trainer between ERG, Resistance, or Standard/Level mode.

Change Resistance Level

Left/Right Arrows

Change your smart trainer's resistance, or standard/level setting by pressing the Left/Right arrows.

Group Workouts Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to toggle audio, video, and to show/hide the workout code.


M Key

Mute or unmute microphone audio by pressing the "M" key.



Turn web camera on or off by pressing the "V" key.

Workout Code


Show or hide the workout code from the group workout player by pressing the "C" key.

Workout Creator Shortcuts

You can also use various keyboard shortcuts in the Workout Creator.

Undo Action


Press CTRL (PC) / Command (Mac) + "Z" to undo an action.

Redo Action


Press CTRL (PC) / Command (Mac) + "Y" to redo an action.

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