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TrainerRoad Keyboard Shortcuts

TrainerRoad offers handy keyboard shortcuts for some of the most common commands you'll use during a workout.

Workout Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts during a workout to adjust intensity, to play, pause, or resume the workout.

Change Intensity

Up/Down Arrows

Increase or decrease the intensity of a workout with the up/down arrows.

Toggle Workout Text


Turn workout text on or off using the "T" key.

Play/Pause Workout


Play, pause, or resume a workout by pressing the Spacebar.

Smart Trainer Shortcuts

Change Trainer Mode

M Key

Press "M" to toggle your smart trainer between slope, resistance, or level mode.

Change Resistance Level

Left/Right Arrows

Change your smart trainer's slope, resistance, or level setting by pressing the Left/Right arrows.

Workout Creator Shortcuts

You can also use various keyboard shortcuts in the Workout Creator.

Undo Action


Press CTRL (PC) / Command (Mac) + "Z" to undo an action.

Redo Action


Press CTRL (PC) / Command (Mac) + "Y" to redo an action.

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