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CycleOps PowerSync

The CycleOps PowerSync is a smart trainer that connects to TrainerRoad through ANT+. TrainerRoad can automatically control the PowerSync's resistance in accordance with the workout's profile.

How do I Set Up the PowerSync with TrainerRoad

Riders need to pair the PowerSync as a PowerBeam Pro. The PowerSync and CycleOps PowerBeam Pro have the same inner workings, so your power control and readings will not be negatively affected.  Learn how to connect it with TrainerRoad here.

How Does the PowerSync Work with TrainerRoad?

The PowerSync has a selection of two modes that can be used with TrainerRoad. Riders can toggle between ERG and Slope mode by simply pressing the "M" button on their keyboard during their workout.

ERG Mode

ERG is the most commonly-used mode when doing a TrainerRoad workout with a PowerSync. TR will automatically adjust the resistance on the PowerSync in accordance with the workout's profile in ERG mode.

The rider can keep a steady cadence and leave their bike in a single gear for the duration of the workout while the PowerSync makes any necessary adjustments. ERG mode makes for very smooth watts and a great workout!

Slope Mode

While in Slope mode, the PowerSync delivers a similar experience to that of an adjustable mag trainer. Slope mode is intended to allow the user to emulate the slope, or pitch that a rider would encounter on any given road.

After toggling to Slope mode with the "M" key, you can increase or decrease the resistance with your right or left arrow keys respectively. Slope mode is also the default mode for testing intervals.


How does the PowerSync work with TrainerRoad during the test workout? 

TrainerRoad will automatically switch the PowerSync from ERG into Slope mode (level 3.0) during the test intervals (8 or 20 minute periods) of a test workout. We do this because we don't want the app to control your PowerSync and put limitations on how hard you can ride!

TrainerRoad will control your PowerSync throughout the warm up, ensuring that you're well prepared for the test(s), but will switch modes once the test starts. Slope mode allows you to shift gears to find the optimal cadence for your test and will help you achieve the highest wattage average possible. 



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