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Training Peaks

Syncing TrainerRoad workouts with your TrainingPeaks account is easy! Our Ride Sync feature allows you to automatically upload all completed TR workouts to your TrainingPeaks account. Read on to find out how!

Follow the instructions in the following article to upload TrainingPeaks workouts into TrainerRoad: Upload TrainingPeaks workouts into TrainerRoad

How to Automatically Sync All of your TrainerRoad Rides to TrainingPeaks

You'll need to set up your Ride Sync preferences via your Online Profile.

1. Log into your TR account online, and access your Account Profile page.

2. Select "Ride Sync" from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Click "Connect With Training Peaks".


4. Enter your Training Peaks login credentials.


How Ride Sync with TrainingPeaks Works:

Ride Sync with TrainingPeaks is a one-way sync. Only completed TrainerRoad workouts sync to TrainingPeaks. 

Your TrainerRoad Calendar won't sync to TrainingPeaks. Workouts only sync after they've been completed in the TrainerRoad application.

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