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Pushing an Outside Workout to Hammerhead

Activity Sync with Hammerhead allows you to automatically push scheduled TrainerRoad outside workouts to your Hammerhead devices. It also lets you import activities completed on your HammerHead devices to TrainerRoad. Here’s how to set it up!

Authorize Hammerhead to Connect With TrainerRoad

To begin allowing your Hammerhead devices to sync with TrainerRoad, go to the Accounts section of your Hammerhead Dashboard. Scroll down to TrainerRoad.

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Click “Connect”. You’ll be prompted to enter your TrainerRoad account and Password. Then, you’ll be asked for permission to push and pull data from your account. Click “Allow” to authorize the connection.

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Pushing Scheduled Workouts to Hammerhead Devices

Once Hammerhead is authorized to connect with TrainerRoad, set your scheduled workout to be completed outside to sync it to your Hammerhead Devices. You can do this from the web or from any TrainerRoad app.

  • Note: this is not possible for the Ramp Test. The Ramp Test is not designed for outside fitness assessments.

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Scheduled TrainerRoad outside workouts are made available to Hammerhead 3 days in advance and will show “Ready to be pulled for Hammerhead” when viewed on the web at Trainerroad.com. 

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How to Manually Sync Individual Workouts to Hammerhead

1. Open a workout on TrainerRoad on the web (currently this feature isn’t available in the apps).

2. Click “Outside” to switch the workout to its outside version.

3. Click “Push to Hammerhead”.

  • Note: If you have other services such as Wahoo or Garmin also connected to TrainerRoad, this button will say "Push to Device". Hover over it and select Hammerhead.

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Pulling From TrainerRoad and Starting a Workout 

Your Hammerhead devices will automatically pull scheduled or manually pushed workouts the next time they connect to the internet.

When you’re ready to train, navigate to the workouts app on your Hammerhead device and open the workout you’d like to complete. Click “Follow Workout” to load the workout, then click the play button to begin.

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Importing Future Completed Activities From Hammerhead

Cycling activities completed on your Hammerhead devices after connecting with TrainerRoad will automatically appear on your TrainerRoad calendar after completion, once your device connects to WiFi. Activities imported from a Hammerhead device will display the Hammerhead logo on the activity’s details page on TrainerRoad.com. Click on the Hammerhead logo to view the activity on the Hammerhead Dashboard.

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Manually Syncing Past Completed Activities From Hammerhead

Cycling activities completed on Hammerhead devices before connecting with TrainerRoad can be manually synced from the Hammerhead Dashboard or directly from a Hammerhead device.

To sync a ride from the dashboard, navigate to the activity, click the 3 dot menu, and choose “Sync To…” From the options that appear, click TrainerRoad, and then click “Done”. The completed activity will then appear on your TrainerRoad calendar.

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To sync a past activity directly from a Hammerhead device, make sure your device is connected to WiFi. Go to the Rides app and open the completed activity you’d like to sync. Scroll down to the Upload section and select the TrainerRoad TR logo, then click the checkmark to confirm.

Disconnecting your Hammerhead account from TrainerRoad

You can disconnect your Hammerhead and TrainerRoad accounts from your TrainerRoad account or from your Hammerhead dashboard. Previously synced activities won’t be deleted, but no new workouts will be pushed or pulled to or from your devices.

To disconnect via your TrainerRoad account, Log in to Trainerroad.com on the web and head to your Account Profile. Select “Activity Sync” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, and scroll to Hammerhead. Click “Disconnect” and then confirm your choice in the popup that appears.

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To disconnect via the Hammerhead dashboard, go to dashboard.hammerhead.io and click “Accounts” in the left-hand menu. Scroll to the TrainerRoad item and click “Disconnect”.

To reconnect your accounts after disconnecting, redo the original authorization process from the Hammerhead dashboard.

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