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How to Use and Track Training Stress

Recording/analyzing training stress is important in becoming a faster cyclist. Visualize fitness progress by tracking indoor/outdoor Training Stress Score (TSS)®.

Import your outdoor rides into TrainerRoad

Sync your TrainerRoad account with Garmin Connect and/or Strava to import your outdoor ride history, and all future outdoor rides into TrainerRoad.

Training Stress: What is it?

The Training Stress Chart shows you how much work you've done on the bike and how that work affects your fitness.

Key Features: 

  • Visualizes how consistent and high quality your training has been
  • Displays much work you've done per week of training 
  • Shows FTP changes and your training leading up the change
  • Allows you to drill into any indoor and outdoor ride directly from the chart

Training Stress Chart Walkthrough 

Find Past Indoor and Outdoor Rides

The Training Stress Chart makes it easy to find the indoor and outdoor rides you did during your season. Click on the graph to drill into each week of rides.


See the Training Stress of All Your Rides

Dark green represents the Training Stress of rides completed with TrainerRoad. Light green represents the Training Stress of rides not completed with TrainerRoad; these rides also show up on your chart with a green dot next to the Training Stress of that ride.


Analyze Training Consistency

The Training Stress Chart shows you where you've been inconsistent and how that impacts your FTP. In this graph, the grey 6 wk/avg trending line confirms the rider has "ups and downs" in their training.


Spot Patterns In Your Training

It’s easy to see when you’ve been consistent and inconsistent with your training and drill into those weeks to reflect on why that was.


View Training Leading Up to a Change in Fitness

The Training Stress Chart shows you the relationship between the quality of your training and FTP increases that result from it.


Stay Accountable for Your Weekly Training Stress Goals

If you have a personal goal to try to maintain a certain Training Stress between now and your key event, the Training Stress Chart helps you stay accountable to that goal.


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