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How to Use SeasonMatch

Riders can get valuable takeaways by comparing year-over-year training and racing data from current & past seasons of riding/racing.

Import your outdoor rides into TrainerRoad

Sync your TrainerRoad account with Garmin Connect and/or Strava to import your outdoor ride history, and all future outdoor rides into TrainerRoad.

What is SeasonMatch? 

SeasonMatch compares where you are in your most current Season to the exact same point in a previous Season.


In this example, the rider is comparing their PRs achieved in the first 24 weeks of CX 2017 to their PRs achieved in the first 24 weeks of CX 2016.

Where do 24 weeks come from? 

SeasonMatch recognizes the number of weeks that are in each Season a rider creates, then compares PRs achieved at the same point in different Seasons.



At 24 weeks into their most current season, CX 2017, the rider wants to see if their 8-minute PR is stronger this year than it was last year at the same point in their training.

With SeasonMatch selected, they can see that at week 24 of training, their 8-minute PR is stronger in 2017 than it was in 2016 by 65 watts!  


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