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How to Create and Analyze Intervals

Outdoor ride analysis can be tough! Clear things up & learn more from your outdoor workouts by defining and analyzing custom intervals.

Import your outdoor rides into TrainerRoad

Sync your TrainerRoad account with Garmin Connect and/or Strava to import your outdoor ride history, and all future outdoor rides into TrainerRoad.



From the Ride Analysis Page, you can create and zoom into intervals for completed TrainerRoad and outdoor workouts. Click and drag on the workout graph to define custom intervals for any period during the workout. 

Once an area is defined, you are presented with the option to “Zoom in”, “Add Interval”, or “Reset."

Select "Add interval" to expand an option for you to create your custom interval. After you've created your custom interval, it will be displayed in the Intervals table for you to analyze. 






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