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Importing Outdoor Rides Into TrainerRoad

Cyclists want training data all in one place. Bring outdoor and indoor rides together by syncing Strava, Garmin, and TrainingPeaks to TR.

Automatically Import Your Rides 

This is the preferred way to import outdoor rides for most of our users. 

In order to allow TrainerRoad to automatically import your rides, you'll need to Sync your TrainerRoad account with Garmin Connect and/or Strava.




Once you've enabled Ride-Sync, TrainerRoad will automatically import all future outdoor rides into TrainerRoad from that source. At the time Ride-Sync is set up, TrainerRoad will also import your outdoor ride history from Strava and Garmin Connect

  • Strava: TrainerRoad will import your entire cycling-related history
  • Garmin Connect: TrainerRoad will import the latest 30 days of your cycling-related history.  However, you can manually upload rides from GC older than this. Check out the instructions below. (Note: After you enable Ride-sync, you will need to complete one more Garmin Connect ride to prompt the app to push your last 30 days to TrainerRoad.)

In TrainerRoad, the source of your ride will be displayed in the Ride Details page underneath the workout graph. 


Manually Import Your Rides

From the Past Rides page, you can also manually import an outdoor ride to your TrainerRoad career. 

We support .fit, .tcx, gpx, .pwx and .zip files 


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