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How to Estimate Training Stress Without Power Data

Ride outdoors with no power meter? Our tool will estimate outside training stress from GPS files. Track training credit for every ride!

Training Stress Score (TSS)® is derived from power, so without power data, we are unable to automatically generate a TSS value. Enter our TSS Estimator!

(If you're not already familiar with TSS and its components, check out Training Acronyms Defined before reading any further.) 

TSS Estimator

The TSS Estimator is a tool that allows a user to make a TSS score for a workout. You can input your FTP and your perceived effort for that ride (on a scale from 1-10), and TrainerRoad will estimate a TSS value for your work! This TSS value will, by default, count towards your weekly TSS and appear in the TSS chart.

Using the TSS Estimator

There are two ways to access the TSS Estimator:

1) If you navigate to the Past Rides tab on the TrainerRoad website, you will see an "Estimate Stress" option on any ride that does not have power data. Simply click on this, and it will bring you to the TSS Estimator.


Additionally, while you're on the past rides page you will see a message about rides missing TSS. If you click the "View Rides" button this will bring you to a page with all rides missing TSS.



2) You can also access the TSS Estimator from within an opened ride. If you open a ride that does not have power, you will see an "Estimate TSS" button right underneath the ride graph.


Estimate TSS

Once you have the TSS Estimator open, you'll be asked to confirm your ride's name and your FTP. Once you've input your FTP at the time of the ride, you will see an option to "Choose Intensity".


When assigning a ride an intensity, you will be asked how difficult the ride was on a scale from 1-10. This is the "industry standard" 1-10 RPE scale in the world of cycling.

Of course, assessing difficulty on a 1-10 scale can be pretty subjective, but do your best to be as accurate as possible here.


Once you choose your intensity, you should see an estimated TSS value displayed directly underneath the intensity selector. If everything looks good, check whether or not you want to include this ride's TSS in your Career, and select update. (Note: By default, the ride's TSS is set to be included in your Career.)


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