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The KICKR CLIMB is an indoor training device that physically adjusts the front of your bike to mimic climbing while riding indoors. TrainerRoad automatically adjusts the CLIMB based on the percent FTP of the interval your workout prescribes. The CLIMB can currently only be used with TrainerRoad while connected via Bluetooth Smart.


Important Notes:

The CLIMB is currently only compatible with the Wahoo KICKR (2017 Edition or newer) and Wahoo KICKR SNAP (2017 Edition or newer).

The Climb will only adjust automatically when its corresponding KICKR is paired to the TrainerRoad mobile app via Bluetooth.  The Climb is not compatible with the TrainerRoad desktop app or ANT+ at this time.  


How does the KICKR CLIMB work with TrainerRoad?

TrainerRoad automatically controls the CLIMB based on the intensity of an interval during a structured workout. Although the CLIMB is capable of simulating descending, TrainerRoad will only raise the unit to mimic climbing during training.

The CLIMB automatically raises on a range from 75% to 175% of FTP. The CLIMB will automatically raise 1% with every 5% increase in FTP within the 75-175% FTP range. That means efforts at 75% of FTP, and anything below, will keep the CLIMB at 0% grade.

For example, if your interval is prescribed at 80% of FTP, TrainerRoad automatically increases the grade of the CLIMB to mimic a 1% grade. Similarly, if your interval is at 100%, the grade will adjust to a 5% grade.

The CLIMB maxes out at a 20% grade. This means the CLIMB won’t raise any higher than 20% once you reach 175% of your FTP. You can reference the scale below for clarity on how the grade relates to changes in % of FTP.


How do I set up the KICKR CLIMB with TrainerRoad?

In order to use the CLIMB & KICKR/KICKR SNAP with TrainerRoad, you must first pair the CLIMB to your trainer. Once you’ve followed the steps to connect your trainer to the CLIMB, pair the KICKR/KICKR SNAP to TrainerRoad. The CLIMB will automatically adjust during your workouts once these steps are complete.

Follow the links below for information on how to pair your KICKR or KICKR SNAP:

How to pair the KICKR

How to pair the KICKR SNAP

How to Pair the CLIMB to Your Trainer

Step 1: Download the Wahoo Fitness App on your iOS or Android device. If you already have the application downloaded, check the App Store or Google Play Store to confirm you’re on the latest version of the Wahoo Fitness App.


Step 2: Confirm your trainer has the latest version of firmware. This step also requires the Wahoo Fitness App that you will already have downloaded from Step 1.


Step 3: Confirm the CLIMB and KICKR/KICKR SNAP are plugged into a power supply.

Ensure your trainer is powered by the LED lights on the rear of the trainer. Ensure the CLIMB is powered by the blue LED light illuminated on the CLIMB remote.


Step 4: Press and hold the center "lock mode" button on the CLIMB remote for 3 seconds until a white LED begins to flash steadily.


Step 5: Bring the CLIMB’s remote near your KICKR/KICKR SNAP until the center white LED flashes quickly, then turns solid. Success! The center white LED remaining solid indicates the CLIMB is connected and successfully paired to your trainer.


Step 6: Open the Wahoo Fitness App and confirm the CLIMB is on the latest version of firmware for optimal training experience with the unit.

Follow the link below for more details on how to confirm your CLIMB’s firmware is up to date:



Step 7: Confirm the KICKR/KICKR SNAP and CLIMB are disconnected from the Wahoo Fitness App.


Step 8: Connect the KICKR to TrainerRoad to begin training.


Why is the CLIMB not automatically adjusting during my workouts?

If you're still experiencing issues, shoot our support team a message at support@trainerroad.com.

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