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Add Individual Workouts and Create a Custom Plan

With Calendar, you can manually add Bike, Run, Swim, and "Other" workouts. Along with that, you can add single TrainerRoad workouts which in turn, allows you to create a custom plan.

Manually Adding an "Other Activity"

Using Calendar, you can now manually enter a bike, run, swim, and "Other" workouts. To do this, you can simply select the day of the ride or the "+" button on the bottom right part of the screen.

You can then select "Other Activity" since this isn't a TrainerRoad ride. 


From here, you can choose which type of workout it is along with all other pertinent information.


Completing an "Other Activity"

For Bike "Other Activities", imported rides from Strava and/or Garmin Connect will automatically associate to the planned activity. For Run, Swim, and Other "Other Activities", you'll have to manually mark them as completed.

If a workout is not checked as completed, it'll automatically mark itself as skipped at the end of the day.

Once you do mark a workout as complete, you'll have the option to enter in the actual stats that you completed.


Creating a Custom Plan 

Athletes now have the ability to add single TrainerRoad workouts to their Calendar and training plan. This, in turn, means that one can build their own custom plan from scratch. It should be noted that this will prevent Adaptive Training from suggesting adaptations. That said, your Progression Levels will still be updated accordingly.

To do this, all one has to do is add each TrainerRoad workout individually to their Calendar.



Along with that, the weeks in Calendar can be manipulated in many ways. These can be utilized to streamline the creation of a custom plan. Simply select the ellipses button on the right side of the week.


Copy Week - Copying the week allows you to copy all planned workouts and then paste them into a different week. This applies to TrainerRoad and "Other" workouts. You can even grab past weeks as well. As long as the week had planned workouts.


Move Week - Moving the week works very similarly to a simple "cut and paste" feature. You can simply take a week of planned workouts and move them to a new week.

This does not affect your overall plan. For example, all other weeks of your plan will stay exactly where they are, unlike when you use the Push or Pull feature mentioned below. Lastly, annotations will stay exactly where they are when moving a week.

You will only see the “Move Week” option on your current and future weeks when no workouts have been completed. You cannot move past weeks.


Clear Week - allows you to clear all workouts in a single week. Along with that, it will also clear all annotations. Therefore, leaving you with a completely blank slate.

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