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Start a New TrainerRoad Plan

Whether it's starting a new plan or scheduling your entire season, Calendar lets you do it all. With the freedom to manipulate the day's workouts are prescribed and the ability to pick start and end dates, one can tailor their season perfectly to their schedule.

Selecting a Plan

You can easily add a training plan by either selecting a certain day or the "+" option on the bottom right part of the screen. You can then follow the dialogue windows to set up the plan to fit your needs. You'll be able to change the day that workouts are scheduled and select the date that the plan starts or ends.



After selecting a plan, you'll have the opportunity to adjust the days of the week that workouts are scheduled. You'll also get a good look at the difficulty of each workout (Easy, Moderate, Difficult) and the duration range. You can then re-arrange the workouts to fit your schedule, including having multiple workouts in a single day. It's not recommended to place difficult workouts back to back.


Lastly, you can choose the date your plan starts by either selecting the date on the calendar or manually entering it. If you're short on time and need the training plan to end early, select the date for the plan to end and Calendar will automatically truncate the plan for you.


Browsing for Plans

You can even add a plan to your Calendar directly from the Training Plans tab. If you're browsing through training plans and find one you'd like to start, you can simply "Add to Calendar". You'll then be prompted to "Choose Workout Days" along with when the plan should start.


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