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Add and Edit Annotations

Annotations take Calendar to a new level of customization. Many things can throw off one's training, such as travel, sickness, or injury. With annotations, you can stay on track while dealing with whatever life has to throw at you.

Adding an Annotation

To add an annotation, you can either select a specific day or the "+" button on the bottom right part of the screen. You can then select the "Add an Annotation" option towards the bottom of the dialogue box.


You can then enter all pertinent information, including the dates for the annotation. This can be a single day, multiple weeks, or even multiple months. Along with that, there are multiple "TAG" options that allow you to organize different annotations.


Time Off Annotations

For more information on types of annotations and how to use them, check out this article: How to Add Time Off to Your Calendar.

Editing an Annotation

To edit an annotation, simply click on it to open its corresponding dialogue box. You can then change anything about the annotation. Along with that, you can drag and drop your annotations to any day in the calendar.

Tip: When performing a "drag and drop" with an annotation that covers multiple days, you'll want to drag and drop it on the new start date.

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