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Delete/Unschedule a TrainerRoad Plan

Deleting (or unscheduling) a plan is just as easy as adding one! We will not delete any workouts you may have completed in the plan, even if you delete it. Your hard work won't be lost by changing up your schedule.

When a plan is added, an annotation is placed with the first workout in the plan. Clicking on that annotation allows you to delete that plan. 

Here's how you delete/unschedule a plan: 

  1. Navigate to the start date of the plan.
  2. Click on the annotation with the title of the plan.
    • Note that for Plan Builder plans, this annotation will be your custom title for the plan. If you made no custom title, the default is "Edit Your Training Plan Name..." or "Your Training Plan..."

This will open a dialogue box with the option to delete the plan. Select_Start_Plan.png

Inside the dialogue box, select Delete Plan on the bottom right Delete_Plan__New_Design_.png

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