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Add Your Current TrainerRoad Plan

When first switching to Calendar, riders will have to add the training plan that they were completing prior to the switch. This can only be done via your online TrainerRoad account and not within the application.

There are three different ways to add your current training plan to Calendar.

  1. The Onboarding Modal
  2. The Banner 
  3. Add it Manually 

Each one does the same job. It just depends on the situation for each user. With that, the user will have to determine which week of their training plan they're currently in. You can reference your calendar and the training plan you're following from this page to confirm which week you're in: Training Plans. You can also look at the exact start date from your 'Past Rides page'.

From the Calendar, count back the number of weeks to the starting week of your plan.

NOTE: This process will only take place when first switching to Calendar. This is to allow for the plans that have already been started prior to the switch.

1.) The Onboarding Modal

When opening Calendar for the first time, one should be presented with an onboarding process welcoming you to Calendar. There will be a couple tips on the new features available and then finally a prompt to "Migrate Your Plan to Calendar".



All you have to do is select "Add to Calendar" and you'll then be prompted to choose the days of the week you'd like your workouts prescribed.


After choosing the days of the week your workouts are prescribed, you can then select the day that your plan starts. The best way to do this is to select the day directly off of Calendar so you can find when you first started the plan. Calendar will then fill all future workouts related to your plan.


2.) The Banner

If you happened to close out of the onboarding modal and were unable to migrate your plan, Calendar will automatically detect this. You'll then see a pop-up banner informing you that you have a plan to add.


Once you select "Add", you'll be prompted to select both the days of the week you want your workouts along with the date that you started your plan.

3.) Adding Your Plan Manually

There is a small chance that one could find themselves without both the onboarding modal and the banner. If you find that you don't have the first two options to add your current plan, you can easily add it manually.

In this example, the rider is in Week 3 of their Cyclocross Specialty plan. The week they are currently in while adding their plan is the week of 9/24/2018. They will need to count back two weeks to the week of 9/10/2018 and select that day.





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