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Match a Planned Indoor Workout with a Completed Outside Ride

Planned an indoor workout but ended up riding outside instead? Replacing a planned indoor workout with an outside ride is easy from the Calendar!

How to Match a Completed Outdoor Ride to a Planned Indoor Workout

Step One:

Find the day on which you planned an indoor workout but completed a ride outdoors instead. (The outdoor ride needs to be completed on the same day of the planned indoor workout.)


Note: You can drag any skipped/planned workout and drop it on the day of a completed ride to replace the scheduled workout with the completed workout.


Select your completed outdoor workout from the Calendar to expand the activity modal.


Step Two:

Select 'Match' to replace the planned indoor workout with your outdoor ride.


Note: You will see the ride you're replacing in the "Associated with" field after 'Matching' the rides.


Note: Your completed ride will now replace the planned indoor workout.



What About Replacing a Planned Indoor Workout with a Different Indoor Workout?

The process for replacing a planned indoor workout with a different indoor workout is exactly the same as the steps above. 


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