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Repeating Workouts

Cyclists often have events that happen on a regular basis such as a weekly race series or other life events.  Repeating workouts allow you to quickly plan these events out as far as you'd like in the future in just a few steps.

Adding a Repeating Workout

To add a repeating workout, add a workout as you normally would by clicking the "+" button at the bottom of the screen or on the day you'd like to start from.

Once you select a TrainerRoad workout or other workout you'd like to add, use the "Repeating" dropdown to make your workout repeat.  Options include daily, weekly, monthly, and custom.


Once you add a repeating workout, it will be added to your calendar.


Custom Repeating

Custom Repeating allows for the most flexibility in adding a repeating workout. Some common reasons to use Custom Repeating are as follows:

- Repeat a workout multiple days a week.  Maybe you do strength work every Tuesday and Thursday of the week.

- Repeat a workout every X number of weeks.  For your test workout you like to do every third Thursday.

- End a repeated workout series on December 31.  Maybe you want to start a new schedule for the new year and want to change any repeating workouts after that.

To create a Custom Repeating workout, follow the steps to create a standard Repeating Workout, but select "Custom" in the Repeating Workout dropdown.  You can then customize just about everything with your Custom Repeating workout.


Editing a Repeating Workout

Once a repeating workout is created, you can change it by selecting a workout in the series of repeating workouts.


You will be given the option to Edit this event only, or all future events in the series.

- Editing this activity only will remove the activity from the repeating series. It will now be its own activity.  If you edit the repeat settings a new series will be created altogether with this activity as the start of the series.

- Editing this and future activities will update the repeating series so all future activities are updated.


A Note on Push/Pull/Copy/Clear Weeks

While Repeating Workouts will be included in all of the edit week events, the series itself will remain unchanged.  This means repeating activities included in one of the above functions will be detached from the series and new (non repeating) activities will be created.

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