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Ultra-Endurance Training

Ultra-Endurance cycling events are typically defined as a race that is over 100-miles. These events can take place on a variety of surfaces and with any sort of bike, but their duration brings into focus the importance of your nutrition, hydration and pacing strategies.  

These types of events cover a wide range of durations. 6-7 hour events represent the lower end of the range, while 24-hour events and multiple day events represent the long end. Regardless of the duration, ultra-endurance events will follow a similar recommended training approach due to the similar energy system demands over those durations.

As an ultra-endurance racer, aerobic endurance needs to be a primary focus. During the race, it is crucial to limit your exertion to your Endurance Power Zone to help preserve your energy for the long event ahead.

Popular Races

Leadville 100

Leadville is a race that needs no introduction. It is a legendary 100-mile race in Leadville CO where racers battle extreme elevation, loads of climbing, and a very long day in the saddle.

Event Specific Discussion

Optimal Training Approach

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty: Century Specialty


Base:  Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build:  Short Power Build

Specialty: Short Track Specialty


Dirty Kanza

Dirty Kanza is one of the most renowned ultra-endurance gravel races in the world that sees racers battle through the surprisingly climb-filled Flint Hills of Kansas for 200 miles.

[42:00] Podcast 83:  Training for Dirty Kanza

Optimal Training Approach

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty: Century Specialty



24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo is an individual or team-relay mountain bike race in the desert of Southern Arizona. The cactus-lined course seems straightforward, but as fatigue grows and night falls, this race gets tough.

Optimal Training Approach

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II   

Build: General or Sustained Power Build

Specialty: XC Marathon Specialty


Nutrition and Hydration

Not quite the perfect fit?

XC Marathon Training: Many Marathon XC Races fall under the 6-7 hour mark. To learn how to prepare for this type of race, check out the Marathon XC article.

Gran Fondo Training: Gran Fondos are similar to Ultra-Endurance events, however, there are slight differences. To learn about the subtle differences, check out the Gran Fondo Article.

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