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Why isn't my Calendar updating on mobile?

If you've made changes to your Calendar on the TrainerRoad website and the apps don't show them, the solution to this problem is usually pretty simple; wait!

The changes you've made in your Calendar will be synced to your device after the full workout sync is finished. When the Calendar has a lot of workouts to update, it sometimes takes a while to get them all load.

Calendar Sync Tips 

No matter what, the changes you made won't appear in the apps instantaneously. The first thing to do is to wait and give the app time to sync everything. In most cases, this takes a few minutes.

Note: We've seen instances where the app was on the Calendar page when the changes were made on the website. In this case, the Calendar won't sync until you navigate to another tab in the app, and then back to the Calendar tab.

Calendar Sync Isn't Working

If you suspect that the sync isn't working, there are a few things you can do.

The first thing you can do is to make sure you close out of any unnecessary apps that are running in the background. Extra apps can hinder your device's performance.

Additionally, don't continually switch to different tabs within the app, as this can also slow down performance.

Finally, if you've tried everything above and the sync still isn't working properly, try logging out of the app entirely and logging back in. This usually fixes most sync issues.

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