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Garmin Workout Sync Best Practices

Now that you can send workouts to your Garmin, here are some tips on how to get the most out of this feature!  

Create a Custom Screen to Use

For the closest thing to following a TrainerRoad workout, we recommend creating a custom screen with the following Data Fields. Re-order your Garmin screens so that the new custom screen is next to the workout screen so you can easily reference both.


Elapsed Time

  • Shows the total time you have been riding.
  • Nested under the Timer category.

3 Second Power

  • Shows smoothed instantaneous power.
  • Nested under the Power category.

Lap Power

  • Shows average power for the current lap/step of a workout.
  • Nested under the Power category.

Time to Go

  • Shows how much longer the current step of a workout is.  
  • Nested under the Workouts category.

*For older generation Edge devices and all Garmin watches without the Time to Go field, we suggest Lap Time as an alternative.

For more detailed information on how to create a custom screen, check out this article.

Executing a Workout

Follow these steps when completing a workout.  

1) Load Workout


2) Switch to your custom workout screen.


3) Stay in the first warmup interval until you’ve reached your “training terrain”.


4) Hit the lap button to advance to the first interval. Target is displayed on the screen.


5) The custom workout screen should be your main screen while riding. Swipe back to the Garmin Workout screen if you need to reference your target wattage range.


Workouts with Reps and Sets

For workouts with short intervals grouped together, the workout will automatically advance between rest and work intervals. Between major sets, recover until the timer hits 0 and the road is conducive to executing your intervals.


Short intervals will auto lap

Workouts with Sets

For workouts with longer intervals, you will need to push the lap button between sets.  Recover until the timer hits 0 and the road is conducive to executing your intervals.


Long intervals require lap press



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