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Wahoo Outside Workout Best Practices

Workouts can now be sent to your Wahoo ELEMNT! Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this feature. 

Wahoo Workout Screen Explained

The ELEMNT workout screen does a nice job showing all the things needed to successfully complete your TrainerRoad workout.  Below is an explanation of all workout screen fields.   


Target W

  • Target power for the current interval

 W 3 Sec

  • 3 second weighted power average
  • Smoothes power so it isn't constantly changing  

Interval (Time)

  • Time remaining in the current interval

Interval (Count)

  • Current step number out of total number of steps  


  • Total time remaining in the workout


  • Current speed

Moving Through a Workout

Wahoo allows you to rewind or fast forward to different steps of your workout.  This allows you to start your intervals when you are ready, and not just when the timer says to go.  

To move to a different interval, press the middle button on your ELEMNT.


Select to either advance or rewind to a prior interval. Press "Resume" once you are at the interval you wish to start.  




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