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How Do I Extend My Warmup/Cooldown

While you are in the first and last interval of the workout, you are given the opportunity to extend the warmup in one, five, and ten-minute increments. 

Each button can be pressed multiple times, which allows you to precisely extend your warmup.  For example, if you wanted to extend by three minutes, simply press the "+1" button three times.

This feature is available on all app platforms.

Note: You aren't able to extend the warmup on the Ramp Test. You can only extend the cooldown.

Extending Warmup/Cooldown on Desktop

In the Desktop apps, the "Extend Warmup" buttons are found in the lower right corner of the window. 


Extending Warmup/Cooldown on Mobile

In the Mobile app, you can extend the warmpup/cooldown by clicking the "Extend Warmup/Cooldown" button in the middle right of the screen.  From there, a menu will open that allows you to extend the warmup/cooldown to the desired length of time. 

extend1.PNG     extend2.PNG

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