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How to Change your Plan/Plan Volume with Plan Builder

Want to change your plan or plan volume without having to re-add your scheduled events? We've got you covered.

When you need to change your current plan or your current plan volume, delete your current plan, and re-add the new plan from Plan Builder. We save all of your planned events on your Calendar, so it's a piece of cake to add your new plan.

You can also change the volume of a future, individual "block" of your training plan. Each training plan is broken into blocks (e.g. Base1, Build, Specialty). Select the block annotation, and adjust the plan volume from the modal that appears.

How to Change Your Current Plan/Plan Volume

1. Delete your current training plan by selecting the training plan annotation on your plan start date. Take note of this date to be used later.

Note: the events you've entered on your Calendar will not be deleted.



2. From Plan Builder, add a new plan with the updated discipline/plan volume, using the same start date as your original plan.

When you get to the "Events" step, you'll be asked if you want to include your planned events in your training plan. Select "Include".


3. Verify your events in your newly added plan. If necessary, you can make tweaks to your events at this step in the Plan Builder process.


How to Change an Individual Training Block's Volume

1. Select the block of training that you'd like to increase/decrease the volume of.


2. Adjust the plan volume from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can also change the days you'd like to train on for future training blocks.


3. Click "Update" and you're all set!

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