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Group Workouts Overview

Group Workouts allow you to link up with friends, teammates, or any other TrainerRoad athlete you'd like to invite to your workout. You'll be able to see key metrics for each athlete in the workout, such as Target and Actual Power, and Heart Rate.

Athletes can communicate over voice and video to feel like you are training together in the same room. The workout will be synced on the same timer, so everyone will go through the same workout at the same time.Group_Workout_cover.jpeg


Why use Group Workouts?

Studies have shown that training with a group of people has multiple positive effects on performance and motivation. RPE is diminished, pain tolerance increases and anaerobic performance has been shown to increase when training with others. In general, you can often get a better workout when you train together with other athletes.

How to Start a Group Workout

  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of the TrainerRoad desktop app (Download from the following link: TrainerRoad Download).
  2. Determine a time and workout you'd like to do with others.
  3. When you're ready for your workout, have the creator of your Group Workout open the TrainerRoad desktop app and access the Group Workouts section of the app. How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_1.png
  4. Select the workout you and your group want to do, revealing the workout details drawer.
  5. Make sure "Group" is selected in the top right, then select “Create Group Workout” in the bottom right.How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_5.png 
  6. A notification will appear with your Group Workout code. Select "Copy Code" to copy the code to your clipboard, and send that to up to 10 other athletes you’d like to train with.How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_6.png 
  7. Other athletes will enter this code by going to the Group Workouts section of the app by entering the code in the "Join a Group Workout" field.How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_7.png 
  8. Once everyone is in the workout, the workout host can press play and the workout will start for everyone!How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_8.png 

How to Schedule a Group Workout

  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of the TrainerRoad desktop app (Download from the following link: TrainerRoad Download).
  2. Select the workout you'd like to schedule. You can browse workouts from the Group Workouts or Workouts sections of the app. You can also schedule a Group Workout directly from the Calendar.How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_1.png 
  3. Select "Schedule" from the workout details drawer.How_to_Schedule_a_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_1.png 
  4. Select "Group", select the time you'd like to schedule the workout for, and select "Add to Calendar".

    Note: Start Time is shown in your local time zone.How_to_Schedule_a_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_4.png

  5. To invite friends to your workout, send the RSVP link to add the workout directly to your friends' Calendar, or send them the workout code to join the workout immediately.How_to_Schedule_a_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_5.png 
  6. If you're sending an RSVP link, your friends will enter the link directly into their internet browser, and select "Add to Calendar".How_to_Schedule_a_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_6.png 
  7. If you're sending the workout code to join immediately, your friends will enter the code in the Group Workouts section of the app.How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_7.png 
  8. If you're using the RSVP link to schedule a Group Workout, the workout will now appear on the Calendar with an icon to indicate a Group Workout.

    Note: Workouts need to be started from the TrainerRoad app. You aren't able to start your Group Workout directly from the website.

    How_to_Schedule_a_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_8-2.png How_to_Schedule_a_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_8-1.png
  9. Launch the workout from the Calendar or from the Group Workouts section of the app. How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_9.png How_to_start_TrainerRoad_Group_Workout_9_-_2.png


  • Your video and audio are disabled by default. Toggle the microphone and video icons in the top-left hand corner of the Group Workout Player to enable them.
  • The workout host will have control of the workout, meaning they are the only athlete who can pause a workout.
  • Pedal to Resume/Pause functionality is disabled for all athletes during a Group Workout, including the host.
  • Extend warm up functionality is disabled for Group Workouts.
  • Workout Instructions are disabled for Group Workouts.
  • You won’t be booted from the workout as soon as it completes, so feel free to stick around and chat!



What's the max number of athletes to a Group Workout?

A maximum of 11 riders (including yourself) can be in a Group Workout.

Someone's fan is drowning all other noise out. How can I fix this?

For the best possible experience, we recommend configuring to have audio input set to the internal microphone on your computer and the output going to your headphones. This should minimize fan noise.

If you still hear fan noise after confirming audio input is set to your computer's internal microphone, it's likely an athlete's fan has air flowing towards their computer.

What internet speed do I need for Group Workouts?

Group Workouts require high-speed internet for optimal data streaming.

How do I share the workout code?

For now, athletes need to share the code through an email, text, Forum message, or some other form of messaging service.

Use discretion with who you share your Group Workout Code with. Anyone with the code can access your workout (up to 11 total athletes).

Can we do a custom workout on Group Workouts?

Yes, custom workouts are fully supported in Group Workouts. We plan on adding Group Workouts to our mobile apps in the future, but we don't currently have an ETA.

Can multiple athletes do different workouts at the same time?

Athletes need to perform the same workout at this time.

What happens if I join the workout after it's started?

If the workout is already started, athletes who join late will start the workout at the same time as everyone else.

Does extending the cooldown affect other athletes?

Extending the cooldown only affects your ride. If others want to extend the cooldown, they'll need to select this option.

Does increasing/decreasing intensity affect other athletes?

Increasing/decreasing intensity only affects your ride.

Can we extend the warm-up in Group Workouts?

To make sure athletes are synced for their workout, extending the warm-up is disabled.

What if I train on a Mac but my friends train on a Windows computer?

No problem! As long as you have the latest TrainerRoad desktop app downloaded on your computer you will be able to do workouts with your friends.

Will this work on the mobile TrainerRoad apps?

Group Workouts aren't supported in our mobile apps at this time. Adding Group Workouts to mobile is on our roadmap, however!

How do I mute myself or other participants?

You can mute yourself by toggling the microphone icon in the top-left hand corner of the Group Workout Player. This will not disable audio from other athletes in your group.

In the future, the Host of the Group Workout will be able to mute specific athletes.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to manage audio/video settings.


How can I "kick" another athlete in the group?

At this time, you can't kick other athletes from the group. We recommend leaving the workout if you encounter offensive behavior. We are adding the ability for the Host to kick athletes for inappropriate behavior.

What happens if the host leaves the workout?

Not to worry! The workout will carry on as normal if the host leaves the workout.

What happens if the host never joins the workout?

If the host never arrives, the first athlete to join the workout becomes the host of the workout.

How do we report athletes for inappropriate behavior?

Contact support@trainerroad.com to report inappropriate behavior in a Group Workout. We recommend athletes use discretion with who they share a Group Workout Code.

Is there an age restriction for Group Workouts?

Athletes need to be 13 years of age or older to use Group Workouts. The feature won't appear for athletes younger than 13 years of age.

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