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How to Schedule a Group Workout

  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of the TrainerRoad desktop app (Download from the following link: TrainerRoad Download).
  2. Select the workout you'd like to schedule. You can browse workouts from the Group Workouts or Workouts sections of the app. You can also schedule a Group Workout directly from the Calendar.


  3. Select "Schedule" from the workout details drawer.


  4. Select "Group", select the time you'd like to schedule the workout for, and select "Add to Calendar".

    Note: Start Time is shown in your local time zone.


  5. To invite friends to your workout, send the RSVP link to add the workout directly to your friends' Calendars, or send them the workout code to join the workout immediately.


  6. If you're sending an RSVP link, your friends will enter the link directly into their internet browser, and select "Add to Calendar".


  7. If you're sending the workout code to join immediately, your friends will enter the code in the Group Workouts section of the app.


  8. If you're using the RSVP link to schedule a Group Workout, the workout will now appear on the Calendar with an icon to indicate a Group Workout.

    Note: Workouts need to be started from the TrainerRoad app. You aren't able to start your Group Workout directly from the website.



  9. Launch the workout from the Calendar or from the Group Workouts section of the app.



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