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Post-Workout Surveys

Immediately after your workout is analyzed, you’ll be prompted to complete a short survey. This qualitative data is used to individualize your adaptations further and provides you with an opportunity to track subjective feedback. 

These only take a few seconds to complete, but you can submit a response up to seven days later if you are in a rush.


An intensity survey is served after completing a workout.

How should I answer surveys?

Don't overthink it. Consider the overall difficulty of the workout and not how you expected it to feel.

What are the Different Surveys?

Intensity Survey

The most common survey you will see is the one pictured below, which asks you to rate how the effort felt on a scale from one to five. When answering the survey, consider the entire workout, and don’t worry about how you expected it to feel based on workout type.


A post-workout survey. This one asks you to gauge the intensity of the workout.

Struggle Survey

Some workouts are harder than others, and life happens. For example, a workout you’d normally breeze through with ends up feeling like a massive challenge, or perhaps an important phone call means you need to cut the workout short. You’ll get a survey based on how that particular workout went, and your response to the survey can help affirm or correct that information. 


Another post-workout survey, as seen in the app. This one asks you to specify why you may have struggled.

How do I Use Surveys?

If you're doing an indoor workout with an internet connection, you'll be served a survey in the app once the workout is completed. Just click or tap the appropriate response, select "Submit" and your survey response will be saved.

How to Rate your Effort

  1. Easy
    This workout felt easy and non-taxing, requiring little effort or focus. You could repeat the workout and pass it without issue.
  2. Moderate
    This workout was somewhat comfortable but required some focus to complete. You felt a little challenged but had confidence that you could finish. If the workout had an additional set of intervals, you could complete it. 
  3. Hard
    This workout required effort and focus and was challenging to complete. This will feel tough and you’ll look forward to this workout ending. If there was an additional interval, you could have done it with some focus.
  4. Very Hard
    This workout was very difficult to complete. This workout tested you. If there would have been one more interval, you wouldn’t have been able to do it.
  5. All Out
    This workout was extremely difficult. It pushed me well beyond my abilities and took a massive amount of energy and focus to complete. You’ll feel like you barely made it to the end of this workout, and that you had to pull out every mental trick in the book to finish.

How to Change your Survey Response

In cases where the survey isn't immediately completed (whether it was skipped or the workout was simply completed offline/outside), a response can still be added up to a week after completion.

To do so, go to the Ride Analysis page on the website, or the Workout Details drawer in the app, then click or tap Missing Response.

From the website

After selecting the ride from your Calendar page:


A missing survey response is being added via the Ride Analysis page.

From the app

In the app, this can be done entirely from the Calendar itself.


A missing survey response is being added via the Workout Details drawer.

Post-Workout Survey FAQs

How should I respond to the survey if my RPE varied over the course of the workout?

Even the hardest TrainerRoad workouts will include rest intervals, and the end of an interval set will usually feel harder than the beginning of the set. This is all normal. The survey is intended to capture how the workout felt overall to you. There are no right or wrong answers on the surveys.

Some training zones typically feel harder than others. However, more important than what is typical or expected is how the workout actually felt to you. The same workout might feel different to you on different days, depending on how you fueled or whether it was a particularly stressful day. Don’t overthink it; just give a quick snapshot response according to how you felt overall, and Adaptive Training will do the rest.

How do surveys help me get faster?

The qualitative feedback you record via post-workout surveys is invaluable in two ways. First, when you look back at completed workouts, you can see how you felt for each one and pick up on patterns that could help you improve. If you’re using Adaptive Training, your responses provide more insight into how you’re feeling and help Adaptive Training make even more customized recommendations.

How important are surveys for my training?

The more surveys you complete, the better you’ll be able to pick up on patterns in your training to learn more about what works well for you and what doesn’t. You’ll also help us understand you better as an individual to make more personalized recommendations for you.

Why do I occasionally see different questions on my surveys?

Some workouts are harder than others. For example, a workout you’d normally struggle with ends up feeling like a breeze, or perhaps an important phone call means you need to cut the workout short. You’ll get a survey based on how that particular workout seemed to go, and your response to the survey can help affirm or correct that information.

What do I do if my survey says I struggled with the workout, even though I wasn’t really struggling?

There is an option you can select that says, “I didn’t struggle with this workout.” Sometimes life happens and introduces complications that can make a workout look harder than it really felt. The survey helps us clarify those instances. If you really did struggle with the workout, it’s important to be honest about that, too. No judgement here! Our only goal is to help you get faster.

The survey noted that I cut my workout short today. That’s cool, but should I be worried it might think I cut my workout short if I take a mid-workout bathroom break?

Short answer, nope. Adaptive Training is accommodating and can analyze whether you took a quick pause between sets or if you paused midway through an interval that was a struggle. We all need a quick nature break from time to time or hop off and answer a phone or attend to family. We get that, and our logic does, too.

If this is not the case, please shoot us an email at support@trainerroad.com, and we'll investigate ASAP.

What if I don’t have time to complete the survey?

The surveys are designed to take no more than a few seconds to complete, but if you miss a survey, don’t worry. You can go back and complete a missed survey up to 7 days after you complete a workout.

What if I don’t want to complete a survey?

We highly recommend completing surveys for Adaptive Training to tailor your training plan. However, you always have the option to dismiss and skip the survey.

I tried to complete a missed survey but can’t. What happened?

You have up to 7 days after completing a workout to complete or edit the survey associated with that workout. We limit this time window to ensure that your recollection of how the workout felt or went is fresh in your mind. This helps to ensure that the survey data associated with your training is of high quality.
If this is not the case, please shoot us an email at support@trainerroad.com, and we'll investigate ASAP.

Do my survey responses affect my Progression Levels?

Adaptive Training takes your survey response into account when recommending adaptations but they won't affect your Progression Levels. The survey responses are appropriately weighted against many other factors, including more quantitative data from your recent workouts.

How you respond to your post-workout surveys will not make or break your training. Just answer honestly in the moment, and the surveys will help fine-tune your training recommendations. If you forget to respond to a survey, Adaptive Training will look at all of the other factors that go into determining your Progression Levels, so you’ll stay on track.

When do I select ‘other' as a reason when I struggled with a workout?

You could select this if you struggled with a workout for any reason not provided in the survey.

Why did I get a survey for an unstructured, outside ride?

While unstructured outside rides are not being considered for potential adaptations yet, you will still receive a survey for unstructured rides, so you can have consistent opportunities to record your subjective feedback for every ride.

If I complete an Outside Workout, where do I complete the survey?

Sync the workout to TrainerRoad from your head unit. Once you log in to the TrainerRoad website or mobile app, you will get a Missing Survey prompt to complete the survey when you're back online.

Will the system get confused if I take a break to stretch/fill bottles/etc. during a workout?

During a workout, Adaptive Training makes allowances for short breaks between sets. If you take breaks during work intervals, Adaptive Training will interpret it as a sign that you found the workout challenging to complete. Luckily, if you ever disagree with Adaptive Training’s conclusion on the outcome of a workout, you can easily override it on the post-workout survey by selecting "I didn't struggle with this workout."

Should I get a Post-Workout Survey for my Ramp Test?

No. The simple reason is that the Ramp Test is an all-out effort.
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