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Why did my Progression Levels Adjust after an FTP change?

Changes in FTP may result in changes to your Progression Levels. This helps ensure that you are still on track for your goals and events and getting the right workout every time.

Your FTP is a deciding factor in how difficult your workouts are. If your FTP increases, the scheduled workout get harder. If your FTP decreases, the difficulty of your workouts may lower. 

My FTP went up, but my Progression Levels reduced - why?

When your FTP increases, the Workout Levels you were completing at your prior FTP may be too challenging at your increased FTP. By reducing the Progression Levels, and in turn, upcoming Workout Levels, we can offset the FTP increase and serve you the right workouts for your current capabilities. This keeps your training on track and ramps up the difficulty of your workouts at a sustainable rate.

My FTP went down, but my Progression Levels stayed the same - why? 

Because the power targets will be reduced when your FTP decreases, an FTP decrease will result in easier workouts in and of itself. Because of this, your levels will not be reduced unless you continue to struggle with workouts at your new FTP.

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My Progression Levels reset to 1s - is AT adjusting my Progression Levels correctly?

This is most likely due to an FTP increase. Because your Progression Levels drop when this happens, this can sometimes result in all of them being reset to 1.

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