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How to Cancel Your Subscription or Delete Your Account

You can cancel your subscription from the Account Information section of the TrainerRoad website. If you're subscribed through the App Store, you'll need to take a look at the "How to Cancel your Subscription via Apple's In-App Payment System" section of this article for more information.

When canceling your subscription, you'll retain access to TrainerRoad until the end of your current billing period - at which point your account will automatically become inactive.

We will store your training history for when you're ready to return. If you'd like to delete your data, refer to the section below.

How do I cancel my TrainerRoad subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging in to the TrainerRoad website and clicking on "Account" within the navigation pane on the left side of the page. Click "Account Information", then select "Cancel Subscription".


If you're eligible for a refund, an option will show on the Account Information page (see the screenshot below for an example). If you have any questions about refunds or your eligibility, you can check out this link: TrainerRoad Refund Policy


How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by logging in to the TrainerRoad website and clicking on "Account" within the navigation pane on the left side of the page. Click "Account Information", then select "Delete Account".


How to Cancel your Subscription via Apple's In-App Payment System

If you signed up using Apple's In-App Payment system, you'll need to cancel via Apple.

  1. From your iOS device, go to Settings
  2. Select your Apple ID name from the top of the page
  3. Select Subscriptions
  4. Find "TrainerRoad" under the Active category
  5. Select Cancel Subscription

You'll have access to your subscription through the end of your current billing cycle. For more information on canceling a subscription with Apple, check out this article.

If you've signed up via Apple's In-App Payment system and aren't satisfied within your first 30 days, you'll need to contact Apple to request a refund. This article has more information on how to do so.


If I cancel my subscription, will TrainerRoad save my login credentials and workout history?

Yep! We will automatically save your login credentials and workout history if you cancel your subscription. When you're ready to reactivate your subscription, your username, password, and workout history will be waiting for you.

What is the difference between canceling my subscription and deleting my account?

  • When you cancel your subscription, your workout history will be saved. When you return to TrainerRoad in the future, all of your training data will be present. Of course, you will not be charged for TrainerRoad during the time your subscription is canceled.
  • When you delete your account, your TrainerRoad membership will cancel immediately, and your past rides, training plan progress, and personal career will be completely erased.

Note: Your account cannot be recovered once it has been deleted.

What happens if I cancel my subscription in the middle of my annual subscription?

If you cancel your subscription before your year is finished, your TrainerRoad subscription will still remain active until the end of your current billing period. (Note that a rider's "year" is one year from the day they signed up for TrainerRoad - not the calendar year.) For example, if you sign up for the annual subscription on January 1st, 2020 then suspend your account on May 5th, 2020, your TrainerRoad account will remain open and active until January 1st, 2021.

If I cancel my yearly subscription before my membership is finished, can I get a prorated refund?

We do not offer prorated refunds. You can not get a refund mid-way through your payment year. You can check out our refund policy here.

If I unsubscribe from TrainerRoad while on Legacy Pricing, will I have the same subscription rate when I reactivate my account in the future?

Unfortunately, you will only keep your legacy pricing while your account remains active. If you return to TrainerRoad after your account has gone inactive, your account subscription will change to the current price ($19.95 / month or $189 / year).

If you have any questions please send us an email at support@trainerroad.com.

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