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Triathlon Training

In most cases, the Triathlon training progressions are very straightforward.  Simply find your specified distance and work your way through the plan from Base to Build to Specialty.  Listed below are the standard progressions, as well as a slightly modified training plan for XTERRA athletes.

Sprint Distance

Optimal Base/Build/Specialty Progression

Sprint Distance Base

Sprint Distance Build

Sprint Distance Specialty


Olympic Distance

Optimal Base/Build/Specialty Progression

Olympic Distance Base

Olympic Distance Build

Olympic Distance Specialty


Half Distance

Half Distance Base

Half Distance Build

Half Distance Specialty


Full Distance

Optimal Base/Build/Specialty Progression

Full Distance Base

Full Distance Build

Full Distance Specialty



Optimal Base/Build/Specialty Progression

XTERRA events, while similar in length to the Olympic Distance Triathlon, have specific demands that require a bit of deviation from the standard Olympic Plan.  As a result, our XTERRA workout suggestion is a combination of the Olympic Triathlon Training Plan and the XC Olympic MTB training progression.  Essentially, you will do the run and swim recommendations from the Tri plan, but you will drop in the rides from the MTB plan progression on the days you have rides.  Here’s what that looks like:

Olympic Distance Base, option to substitute the rides from Sweet Spot Base II

Olympic Distance Build, but substitute the rides from General Build

Olympic Distance Specialty, but substitute the rides from XC Olympic MTB Specialty

Podcast Discussion:

[25:45]  Podcast 071:  XTERRA Training Notes

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