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How to Join the TrainerRoad Beta Program

Welcome to our guide on how to join the TrainerRoad Beta Program. By participating in our beta program, you'll get early access to new features and updates, and your feedback will help us improve the TrainerRoad experience for all users.

Here, you'll receive guidance on joining the TrainerRoad Beta Program for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. All participants in the Beta program will need an active TrainerRoad subscription to participate.

Notice before joining the beta program:

While beta software gives you the opportunity to try new features before they're available to the public, it's important to understand that it is not a final product. Beta versions of TrainerRoad are stable, but they may crash. If you encounter a problem, please let us know!


We have to enforce a participant limit for our iOS beta program. If you signed up for it and we’ve reached capacity, you will be notified. There is no participant limit for our Windows, Mac, and Android beta programs.

Note: There may be a short wait from the time you sign up for the iOS beta program and when you are approved. This is because we have to manually approve each iOS beta tester.

Apple's TestFlight: We use this platform to help us manage our iOS Beta program. You can read more about it here: Apple TestFlight. You can also view a breakdown of the requirements and how to platform works when signing up for the Beta.

  1. Install TestFlight from the AppStore on the iOS device you plan on using with the Beta app: TestFlight on the AppStore


  2. Follow this link on your iOS device. Note: You can only follow this link successfully from a web browser on your iOS device. (you'll be prompted to download TestFlight if you haven't already): Join the Beta Program - iOS
  3. If TestFlight is already installed, choose Accept on the popup from the TestFlight app then Install on the next page. Otherwise, open your email invitation tap “View in TestFlight” or “Start testing” then tap “Install” or “Update” for the TrainerRoad app.
  4. No worries if you've got TrainerRoad already installed! You'll be prompted to replace it with the Beta version as you move forward.


  5. After a couple of screens unique to the Beta version (like the one below) you'll be ready to train with our Beta app!


  6. You can also access the TestFlight app to download updates to the Beta as they become available.


  1. Visit our TrainerRoad Beta Program landing page: TrainerRoad Beta Program
  2. Click the link to Join Android Beta
  3. From the pop-out window, enter your email address and click Sign Up.
    WARNING: You will need to use the email address you use to sign in to the Google Play Store to sign up for the Beta. You will also need to be able to check this email address to get the notification that you've been accepted into the Beta. This doesn't need to be the email you use to sign in to the TrainerRoad application.
  4. Once accepted, you’ll receive an email with instructions. Follow the link in the email to visit the TrainerRoad page in the Android App Store.


  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to reveal the option to become a beta tester, and click “I’m In” or "Join". This can take a few minutes. The TrainerRoad Beta app will then download to your device.


  6. If you already have the TrainerRoad app installed, it will be uninstalled once you start installing the Beta version.


For our Mac Beta program, visit this link to download the Beta application: TrainerRoad Mac Beta

You can have both the Production and Beta application of TrainerRoad installed on your Mac computer.


For our Windows Beta, program visit this link to download the Beta application: TrainerRoad Windows Beta

You can have both the Production and Beta application of TrainerRoad installed on your Windows computer.

Have questions? Check out our TrainerRoad Beta Program FAQ article.

Need to leave the beta? No problem! Check out our How to Leave the Beta Program article.

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