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Beta Program FAQs

You might have questions bout the TrainerRoad Beta program if you've never been involved in a similar program before - we're here for you! If you have questions that the FAQ doesn't answer, feel free to reach out to our support team here.

Why join?

Athletes who are a part of the beta program are the first to try new product updates. New updates are typically released another week, though our schedule may vary as we work on different projects - we're working as fast as our fingers can type. The feedback beta testers share is reviewed and considered first when we decide which features to revamp and/or build next.

How many people are accepted into the program?

We have to enforce a participant limit for our iOS beta program. If you signed up for it and we’ve reached capacity, you will be notified. There is no participant limit for our Windows, Mac, and Android beta programs.

Am I required to give feedback if I join the TrainerRoad Beta Program?

Nope. If your only motivation to join is to be a part of a group of users who get early access to new updates and features, great! We encourage beta testers to share their feedback with us, but it is not required.

What kind of feedback are you looking for?

If you experience an issue where the app crashes, freezes or acts in a way that simply doesn’t make sense, we want to hear about it! Also, any confusion on how to use the app is feedback we’re eager to know.

Is an active TrainerRoad membership required to participate in the beta program?

Yes. All beta testers must have an active TrainerRoad membership to login and use beta applications.

Can I sign up to be a beta tester for more than one application?

Yes! You could be a beta tester for all four of our platforms if you wanted to. The process for downloading the beta app just varies from platform to platform.

What’s the process for becoming a TrainerRoad beta tester?

It’s different for all platforms. For our Windows and Mac desktop beta applications, it’s simple: you can download the beta apps directly from the links on the beta download page. The process is a bit more complex with our mobile beta apps. Instead of a direct download link, you must first sign up to join the iOS or Android beta program. When you do, you will be sent a welcome email that outlines the steps you must follow to download the beta app on your mobile device

Can I be a beta tester and use the TrainerRoad production app at the same time?

  • For desktops applications, you can use the beta app and official TrainerRoad app at the same time. 
  • For mobile applications, you cannot have the beta app and the official TrainerRoad app installed at the same time. The official TrainerRoad mobile app will automatically uninstall when you install the beta application.

How long before I’m approved to be in the TrainerRoad Beta Program?

You can immediately start using the beta applications for Mac, Windows, and Android - There is no approval wait time.

iOS is different; there may be a short wait from the time you sign up for the iOS beta program and when you are approved. This is because we have to manually approve each iOS beta tester.

How do I opt-out of the beta program?

It’s different depending on the platform.                                      

  • If you’re using the Windows or Mac beta applications, simply stop using them and/or uninstall the apps from your desktop. 
  • If you’re using the Android beta application, go to the Google Play Store from your mobile device and find TrainerRoad. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Leave” under the “You’re a Beta Tester” section. Finally, you can uninstall your beta app from your mobile device and reinstall the official TrainerRoad app.
  • If you’re using the iOS beta application, uninstall your TestFlight app. Once TestFlight is uninstalled, you’re free to redownload the official TrainerRoad app. Finally, please also email our support team at support@trainerroad.com. If you do not email us, you will continue to get emails from TestFlight when a new version of the beta app is available.

If I’m having trouble installing a beta application, who should I contact?

Please reach out to our support team at support@trainerroad.com.

If I have feedback on a beta app I’m testing, who should I contact?

Please send your beta feedback to our support team at support@trainerroad.com. They will be relaying your comments to our product teams.

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