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Recommended/Highly-Rated Trainers

We have a few favorite trainers here at TrainerRoad. The following models are accurate, precise, reasonably quiet, and simply enjoyable to train with!

Recommended All-Around Trainers

We highly recommend the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and its Rock-and-Roll cousin. They both work well with VirtualPower, feel great, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Whether you're training with VirtualPower or with a power meter, either of these trainers will serve you well.

 Recommended VirtualPower Trainers

We highly recommend the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and Rock-and-Roll — as well as the Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro.

All three of these trainers have very stable power curves that we've independently tested.

 Recommended Smart Trainer

Our choice when it comes to smart trainers is the Wahoo KICKR. The KICKR has a very road-realistic feel, features an off-wheel design, and lets TrainerRoad automatically control its resistance in accordance with your workout. 

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