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Lemond Revolution


How Does the Lemond Revolution Work with TrainerRoad?

The Lemond Revolution works with TrainerRoad through VirtualPower.

How do I Set the Revolution Up with VirtualPower?

You can get consistent VirtualPower data with the Lemond Revolution without using a Power pilot. To do this, you have to attach a speed sensor to your non-drive side chainstay next to the flywheel. See the picture below.

The Lemond Revolution's flywheel has a built-in magnet that can be used to trigger the speed sensor.


What About Cadence?

If you want cadence, you can either get a separate Lemond cadence sensor (which can be hard to find) or use the Wahoo Speed Cadence sensor which allows you to put the speed and cadence sensors at different spots.

Once you have your sensor setup, follow the steps in VirtualPower Setup and Tips to use the Lemond Revolution with TrainerRoad. 

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