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Creating a Custom Display on Hammerhead for Outside Workouts

Adding a custom screen to your Hammerhead head unit allows you to display important metrics for your TrainerRoad Outside Workouts.

TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Hammerhead

When you push an Outside Workout to your Hammerhead, your Hammerhead automatically presents you with this display for your workout. This display includes target power and power, cadence, and an overview of the current interval as well as a preview of the upcoming intervals.



In addition to this display we recommend building a custom display to follow along during your Outside Workouts. This custom display includes:

1. Remaining Interval Time

2. Target Power

3. 10s Average Power

4. Lap Average Power

5. Heart Rate

6. Cadence.


This custom display includes everything you need to successfully execute your TrainerRoad Outside Workout. Here’s how you can create this custom display:

How to Create a Custom Outside Workouts Profile

Step 1: From the home page of your Hammerhead device select the app settings icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen: 


Step 2: In the Apps view Select Profiles:


Step 3: Under Profiles select Training


Step 4: Toggle the Profile Type to Outdoor

Step 5: Select your Data Pages


Step 6: Select Layout at the bottom of the screen:


Step 7: Choose your desired Data Card layout with six data displays. We recommend this one:


Step 8: Tap the top display box. Under workout select ‘Interval Time Remaining’ 


Step 9: Tap the second display box and select Workout intervals current target power


Step 10: Tap the third display box and add 10 second rolling Average Power


Step 11: Tap the fourth display box and add the average lap power


Step 12: Tap the fifth display box and add heart rate 


Step 13: Tap the sixth display box and add cadence


Step 14: Your custom display is built! Navigate back to the main menu to save your custom display. 


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