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Kurt Kinetic Trainers

Kurt Kinetic manufacture a range of indoor bike trainers which can be separated in to three distinct categories - smart trainers (known on their website as Interactive/Smart Control), mechanical trainers plus inRide power (known on their website as non-interactive/Smart), and mechanical-only (known also as ‘dumb’ trainers).


It is worth noticing before we delve deeper in to this, that some products with similar names fall into different categories. This is because products named 'Rock and Roll' and 'Road Machine' refer to the frame design. Now that the product has evolved, this nomenclature spans many trainer categories.



Smart ('Interactive') Trainers

This category offers Smart Trainers in both frames, as well as the power unit alone (this would only be necessary if you wished to upgrade an existing frame to a smart trainer. These are known as the 'Rock and Roll Smart Control', 'Road Machine Smart Control' and the power unit alone is the 'Smart Control Power Unit' 

Rock and Roll Smart Control


The Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control is an interactive, app-controlled (ERG mode) electronic trainer that actually rocks side to side when you ride in order to closer mimic what it's like when riding outdoors.

Road Machine Smart Control


The Road Machine Smart Control is a power trainer with app-controlled electronic resistance (ERG mode) and like most other indoor trainers, is locked in place and does not allow for any lateral movement (unlike the Rock and Roll, above).

Smart Control Power Unit


The Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit installs in minutes and is the most affordable and convenient option for upgrading an existing Kinetic Rock and Roll or Road Machine trainer frame to a smart trainer.

Mechanical + inRide Power Sensor

Kinetic Fluid Power Bike Trainers are non-interactive (no ERG mode), however, with fluid resistance you are able to manually control the ride difficulty. Ride data is transmitted wirelessly to TrainerRoad.

Kinetic Rock and Roll


The Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart is fitted with the Kinetic inRide power sensor. The Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart 2 is fitted with the Kinetic inRide 3 power sensor.

Kinetic Road Machine 


The Kinetic Road Machine | Smart is fitted with the Kinetic inRide power sensor. The Kinetic Road Machine | Smart 2 is fitted with the Kinetic inRide 3 power sensor.

inRide Power Sensor

The KurtKinetic inRide power sensor essentially functions a non-classic power meter. Rather than utilizing strain gauge technology, the inRide uses Virtual Power. Many Kinetic trainers come fitted with an inRide, and upgrading any Kinetic fluid trainer is simple as just installing the power sensor.

Two versions of the inRide power sensor are currently available:


You can read more about pairing with the inRide here.

Mechanical-only (‘dumb’ trainers)
Kinetic traditional trainers are non-electronic and non-interactive. These are geared toward cyclists who cycle for fun only and are not interested in recording metrics. 'Mechanical-only' trainers are compatible with TrainerRoad when used with VirtualPower and a speed/cadence sensor.

Kurt Kinetic Mechanical trainers: 

  • Kinetic Road Machine
  • Kinetic Magnetic
  • Kinetic Z-Rollers
  • Cyclone Wind Trainer


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