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Garmin Devices Compatible with Outside Workouts

The following Garmin devices are compatible with TrainerRoad Outside Workouts

All devices must have a way to connect to either Garmin Express or Garmin Connect in order to import workouts. 

  • Garmin Express: Can connect to Garmin Express with a USB cord.
  • Garmin Express ANT+: Can connect to Garmin Express wirelessly though ANT+ (User must have an ANT+ USB stick)
  • Phone: Can connect to Garmin Connect on wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • WiFi: Can connect to Garmin Connect via WiFi

Note: Devices marked with an asterisk (*) can not pair to a Power Meter, though TrainerRoad Outside Workouts will push to them.


Use Ctrl+F (on Windows) or Cmd+F (on Mac) and enter in your head unit's name to quickly search this page.


Garmin Express USB
Garmin Express ANT+
Approach X40*
D2 Bravo
D2 Charlie
D2 Delta
D2 Delta PX
D2 Delta S
Descent MK1
Edge 130 Plus
Edge 205*
Edge 305*
Edge 500
Edge 510
Edge 520
Edge 520 Plus
Edge 530
Edge 540
Edge 605
Edge 705
Edge 800
Edge 810
Edge 820
Edge 830
Edge 840
Edge 1000
Edge 1030
Edge 1040
Fenix 2
Fenix 3
Fenix 5
Fenix 5 Plus
Fenix 5S Plus
Fenix 5X Plus
ForeAthlete 45*
ForeAthlete 245*
ForeAthlete 245 Music*
ForeAthlete 410*
ForeAthlete 610*
ForeAthlete 645*
ForeAthlete 645 Music*
ForeAthlete 935
ForeAthlete 945
ForeAthlete 220J*
ForeAthlete 225J*
ForeAthlete 230J*
ForeAthlete 235J*
ForeAthlete 620J*
ForeAthlete 630J*
ForeAthlete 735XTJ
ForeAthlete 910XTJ
ForeAthlete 920XTJ
Forerunner 30*
Forerunner 45*
Forerunner 70*
Forerunner 205*
Forerunner 220*
Forerunner 225*
Forerunner 230*
Forerunner 235*
Forerunner 245*
Forerunner 245 Music*
Forerunner 301*
Forerunner 305*
Forerunner 405*
Forerunner 410*
Forerunner 610*
Forerunner 620*
Forerunner 630*
Forerunner 645*
Forerunner 645 Music*
Forerunner 935
Forerunner 945
Forerunner 310XT
Forerunner 735XT
Forerunner 910XT
Forerunner 920XT
MARQ Athlete
MARQ Aviator
MARQ Captain
MARQ Driver
MARQ Expedition
Quatix 3
Quatix 5
Quatix 5 Sapphire
Tactix Bravo
Tactix Charlie
Vivoactive 3*
Vivoactive 3 Music*
Vivoactive 4/4s*
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