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Garmin Devices Compatible with Outside Workouts

The following Garmin devices are compatible with TrainerRoad Outside Workouts

All devices must have a way to connect to either Garmin Express or Garmin Connect in order to import workouts. 

  • Garmin Express: Can connect to Garmin Express with a USB cord.
  • Garmin Express ANT+: Can connect to Garmin Express wirelessly though ANT+ (User must have an ANT+ USB stick)
  • Phone: Can connect to Garmin Connect on wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • WiFi: Can connect to Garmin Connect via WiFi

Note: Devices marked with an asterisk (*) can not pair to a Power Meter, though TrainerRoad Outside Workouts will push to them.


Use Ctrl+F (on Windows) or Cmd+F (on Mac) and enter in your head unit's name to quickly search this page.


Garmin Express USB
Garmin Express ANT+
Approach X40*
D2 Bravo
D2 Charlie
D2 Delta
D2 Delta PX
D2 Delta S
Descent MK1
Edge 130 Plus
Edge 205*
Edge 305*
Edge 500
Edge 510
Edge 520
Edge 520 Plus
Edge 530
Edge 605
Edge 705
Edge 800
Edge 810
Edge 820
Edge 830
Edge 1000
Edge 1030
Edge 1040
Fenix 2
Fenix 3
Fenix 5
Fenix 5 Plus
Fenix 5S Plus
Fenix 5X Plus
ForeAthlete 45*
ForeAthlete 245*
ForeAthlete 245 Music*
ForeAthlete 410*
ForeAthlete 610*
ForeAthlete 645*
ForeAthlete 645 Music*
ForeAthlete 935
ForeAthlete 945
ForeAthlete 220J*
ForeAthlete 225J*
ForeAthlete 230J*
ForeAthlete 235J*
ForeAthlete 620J*
ForeAthlete 630J*
ForeAthlete 735XTJ
ForeAthlete 910XTJ
ForeAthlete 920XTJ
Forerunner 30*
Forerunner 45*
Forerunner 70*
Forerunner 205*
Forerunner 220*
Forerunner 225*
Forerunner 230*
Forerunner 235*
Forerunner 245*
Forerunner 245 Music*
Forerunner 301*
Forerunner 305*
Forerunner 405*
Forerunner 410*
Forerunner 610*
Forerunner 620*
Forerunner 630*
Forerunner 645*
Forerunner 645 Music*
Forerunner 935
Forerunner 945
Forerunner 310XT
Forerunner 735XT
Forerunner 910XT
Forerunner 920XT
MARQ Athlete
MARQ Aviator
MARQ Captain
MARQ Driver
MARQ Expedition
Quatix 3
Quatix 5
Quatix 5 Sapphire
Tactix Bravo
Tactix Charlie
Vivoactive 3*
Vivoactive 3 Music*
Vivoactive 4/4s*
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