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ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

Most ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors are compatible with TrainerRoad. The following article walks you through best practices to pair your HRM.

Before attempting to pair your device, make sure you've read through this article on ANT+ Connectivity to confirm you have everything you need for an ANT+ connection with TrainerRoad.

If you need help pairing a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor, check out this article about Bluetooth heart-rate monitors.

Pairing your ANT+ Heart-Rate Monitor (Desktop)

  1. Plug-in your ANT+ USB Stick to your computer

  2. Open the Devices tab in the TrainerRoad app

  3. Make sure ANT+ is "On" in TrainerRoad's settings

  4. Make sure your Heart Rate Monitor is on and is sending data. For most HRMs, this is as simple as putting the device on.

  5. Once the HRM is on, you should see it show up in the "Devices" menu. Click on the heart rate monitor to begin pairing.

  6. Your heart-rate monitor is paired! 



Pairing your ANT+ Heart-Rate Monitor (Mobile)

  1. Make sure that ANT+ is "On"
  2. If ANT+ does not show as "On", double-check your ANT+ dongle and check your built-in ANT+ receiver (if your phone supports this function)
  3. Wear the HRM so it can start transmitting a signal
  4. Tap the heart rate device to initiate pairing
  5. Once the border turns green the device is successfully connected and you are ready to ride!



Pairing your ANT+ Heart-Rate Monitor (Legacy)

  1. Plug in your ANT+ USB Stick
  2. Wear the HRM so it is awake and can transmit a signal
  3. Select "Pair" located next to the heart-rate monitor
  4. TrainerRoad will search for the heart-rate monitor
  5. Wait for TrainerRoad to find the heart-rate monitor
  6. Your HRM is paired once the Search box turns green and you see data


  • Make sure you're wearing your HR monitor properly 
  • Wet the sensors to ensure a proper connection
  • Replace HR strap's batteries if need be

If you are having problems with your ANT signal, Check out our ANT+ USB Troubleshooting Article.

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