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How to Complete an Outside Workout on Hammerhead

Outside Workouts allow you to substitute an outside equivalent for your regularly scheduled TrainerRoad workouts. With a power meter you can complete TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on your Hammerhead head unit. 

Before your Ride

Before completing an Outside Workout on your Hammerhead you'll need to set up sync with Hammerhead. For instructions on how to set up activity sync with Hammerhead and TrainerRoad check out: Activity Sync with Hammerhead 

We also recommend creating a custom display on your Hammerhead unit to follow along during Outside Workouts. For instructions on how to set up this custom display check out: How to Create a Custom Display for your Hammerhead

Note: You'll need to connect your head unit to the internet before your ride to sync your planned Outside Workouts to your head unit. 

Starting and Completing a Ride

Step 1: Turn on your Hammerhead head unit.

Step 2: Tap the Apps button in the bottom left hand corner of the home screen.


Step 3: Tap the Workouts Tab


Step 4: Open today's workout


Step 6: Tap Follow Workout


Step 7: Start your ride by selecting the yellow play button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Step 8: When you are ready to start your workout you can start your workout from the Hammerhead Workout Screen by hitting the yellow play symbol now displayed in the lower left corner.


Step 9: Before starting a set, you will be prompted to "Press Lap" to start. This will allow you to get into a safe and appropriate position to do your intervals


You can also complete this step from the custom display you have created. 


Step 10: Follow the prescribed power targets, using the yellow pause button on the primary interval page to pause and resume your workout when necessary. 


Step 11: Ride until workout is complete!


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