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How to Create and Compare Seasons

The Personal Records Chart is a soon-to-be-released feature of Performance Analytics. If you're an active TrainerRoad user, click here to get early access to use Performance Analytics. 


Import your outdoor rides into TrainerRoad

Sync your TrainerRoad account with Garmin Connect and/or Strava to import your outdoor ride history, and all future outdoor rides into TrainerRoad.



From the Personal Records Chart, riders create Seasons to analyze and compare progress at different points in their training.


What is a Season? 

Seasons represent past, present and future periods of racing and training. You do not need a history of indoor or outdoor rides to create a Season.

If you do not have past ride data from Garmin Connect and Strava to import into TrainerRoad, create a Season for the period of training and racing you are in now, e.g. Road 2018.


Examples of Seasons




Create Seasons for Actual Training and Racing Seasons

Multi-discipline athletes create Seasons to represent past and current training and racing seasons; e.g:  

  • Road 2017
  • MTB 2017
  • Tri 2018

Single-discipline athletes create Seasons to represent past and current years of training and racing; e.g,

  • Road 2016
  • Road 2017
  • Road 2018

Create Seasons for Training Phases and Plans

Athletes create Seasons to represent training phases or plans followed within a single season; e.g,

  • Road 2018 Base
  • Road 2018 Build
  • Road 2018 Specialty 


How to Compare Seasons

You can compare up to three Seasons at one time from the drop-down menus of the Personal Records Chart. 




What's Next?

Get an even more precise view of your progress. Learn how to compare your Seasons' PRs using SeasonMatch.

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