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Pushing an Outside Workout to Garmin

TrainerRoad Outside Workouts can be pushed to Garmin head units.  Here are the steps to make that possible.

Authorize Garmin Sync

To allow outside workouts to push to Garmin Connect, set up Activity Sync to include pushing workouts from TrainerRoad to Garmin.  If you have previously set up Activity Sync, you will need to re-authenticate to enable this.

Allow TrainerRoad to share workouts with Garmin Connect.   



Scheduling a Workout

Once workout push is enabled, scheduled TrainerRoad outside workouts will be pushed to Garmin Connect.

  • Please note that this is not possible for the Ramp Test.

    If you would like to complete an FTP test outside, use either the 8-minute or 20-minute FTP test. The Ramp Test is not designed for outside fitness assessments. 

Workouts will be pushed to Garmin 2 days in advance.

Workouts scheduled more than 2 days in advance will be "Scheduled for Garmin", and won't appear on Garmin Connect yet.


Once a workout is "Pushed to Garmin", it will appear on your Garmin Connect calendar.



Starting a Workout

To start a workout, turn on your Garmin head unit and make sure it connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth.  When this happens, your Garmin Connect account will send the workout to your head unit.  You should see a "Download Complete" message on your Garmin when it has finished syncing.


Once this is complete, navigate to your workout screen where you should be prompted to complete your scheduled workout.


Note: If you aren't prompted to start your scheduled workout, it may be visible from your Training Plan/Calendar.


TrainerRoad Recommended Setup

For the closest thing to a TrainerRoad workout, we recommend creating a custom screen with the following Data Fields. To learn how to get the most out of your outside workouts visit our Outside Workout Best Practices article.


Time to Go

  • Nested under the "Workouts" category.
  • Shows how much longer the current step of a workout is.  


  • Nested under the "Workouts" category.
  • Shows your target power and average power for the current interval.

3 Second Power

  • Nested under the "Power" category.
  • Shows smoothed instantaneous power.

Workout Comparison

  • Nested under the "Workouts" category.
  • Displays a graphical representation of your workout.

Heart Rate

  • Nested under the "Heart Rate" category.
  • Displays current heart rate.


  • Nested under the "Cadence" category.
  • Displays current cadence.

Note: Make sure you're on the latest firmware version to access the updated data fields.

*For older generation Edge devices and all Garmin watches without the Time to Go field, we suggest Lap Time as an alternative.

For more detailed information on how to create a custom screen, go here.

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