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How to Import and Display Runs in TrainerRoad

You can now import and display running activities in your TrainerRoad account on the TrainerRoad website. Runs can be imported manually into TrainerRoad or pulled automatically from Strava or Garmin Connect via Ride Sync. 

Note: Run activities are currently only visible on your calendar on TrainerRoad.com and not yet through our apps. We plan to add this functionality to our apps along with other improvements in the future.

How to Enable Importing Runs

To begin importing your runs into your online TrainerRoad career, you’ll need to have “Import and Display Runs” enabled in early access. Here’s how to enable early access to this feature:

Step 1. Log into the TrainerRoad website.

Step 2. Click “Account” at the bottom of the left sidebar, then click “Early Access” from the Account navigation menu. 

Step 3. Scroll to “Import and Display Runs” and select Enabled.

Step 4. Click “Ride Sync” in the Account navigation menu, and verify you’ve connected your preferred run-tracking platform ( Strava or Garmin Connect.)
Step 5. If you haven’t set up Ride Sync yet, follow the steps in the following articles to connect your Strava account, Garmin Connect account, or both to TrainerRoad:

How to Import Runs Into TrainerRoad

Once you’ve enabled the feature in Early Access, and verified that Garmin Connect or Strava have been connected to TrainerRoad any runs you upload to Strava or Garmin Connect will automatically sync to TrainerRoad via Ride Sync. Runs completed prior to enabling this feature will not automatically be imported into TrainerRoad, though.

How to Manually Import Runs Into TrainerRoad

If you want to import older runs you will need to manually import them through the Past Activities page. To do this follow these steps:

Step 1.  Log into the TrainerRoad website.

Step 2. Select the Career Tab and then select “Past Activities”

Step 3. In the Past Activities tab select the “Import Activity” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Step 4. An Import Activity pop-up will appear. You can drag and drop the activity file into the pop-up menu or select “Browse” to find the file on your device that you would like to import into TrainerRoad.


Where to View Your Runs in TrainerRoad

Currently, runs imported into TrainerRoad will only be visible on the TrainerRoad website. You can view runs in these three places on the TrainerRoad website:

1. Runs completed and imported this week will be visible on the “Current Week” view in the Career tab.
2. All runs imported into TrainerRoad will be visible in The “Past Activities” tab, located in the Career tab menu:


All runs imported into TrainerRoad will be visible on their completed date in the TrainerRoad Calendar:



How to Associate Imported Runs with Scheduled Runs

If you’re on a multisport training plan, you won’t need to manually mark planned runs as “completed”. Imported runs will automatically associate with planned runs that are scheduled on the same day as the completed run. Moving forward just complete the run as scheduled, and when it syncs to TrainerRoad it will be associated with the planned workout and automatically marked as complete.


What data is displayed on the Run Activity Details page?

Run details include pace, elevation, intervals, and a map when the ride has been completed outdoors. It will also include cadence, heart rate, and power if your device records these metrics.

Are runs incorporated into Adaptive Training?

If you miss a run scheduled by your plan, Adaptive Training will adjust your upcoming runs in response. Adaptive Training does not currently analyze your running performance the way it does for your cycling workouts though and adaptations to your runs will not affect your scheduled cycling workouts.

Can I view my running PRs in TrainerRoad?

The initial Early Access to running activities in TrainerRoad does not yet include PRs, but we do plan to add this in a future update.

Why can't I see my old runs in TrainerRoad?

Currently, only runs completed after enabling the feature will appear on your calendar, but we plan to backfill data to display past runs in a future update. You can also manually import old runs into TrainerRoad.

Why aren't my runs visible in the TrainerRoad app?

Currently, run activities are not yet visible in the TrainerRoad app and will only be visible on your calendar on TrainerRoad.com. We plan to add this functionality to our apps along with other future improvements in the future.

What platforms does this import work with?

TrainerRoad will import runs from Strava and Garmin Connect.

Can I import indoor runs into TrainerRoad?

Yes! Runs marked as being completed indoors on the device you use to record running activities will automatically be imported into TrainerRoad and marked as indoor activities.

Why do some of my runs not have GPS files associated with them?

If you aren’t seeing a GPS file alongside your run, this means the run was marked as being completed indoors on a treadmill.
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