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Creating a Custom Workout

TrainerRoad's Workout Creator allows you to build your own workout from scratch or customize one of our 2000+ workouts to better fit your fitness needs.

Download the Workout Creator from the following links:

Note: In order to use the Workout Creator on Windows, Adobe AIR must be installed on your computer. If you don't have it, you can download Adobe AIR here.

Using a Mobile Device with the TrainerRoad App?

Workout Creator is currently only available on our Mac and Windows desktop platforms. You'll need to use a laptop or desktop to create your custom workout. But don’t worry!

After you publish your Custom Workout from the Workout Creator, it will be ready to use on any of our platforms. Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to customize your workouts! Here’s how it works:

Video Tutorials

WorkoutCreator General Usage:

Note: The first 30 seconds of this video show our old (AIR Legacy) app. For instructions on how to open the Workout Creator from our new Desktop app, click here to find out how.

Copy/Clone Workouts:

Creating Workout Snippets:

Adding Custom Workout Text:

Open the WorkoutCreator

If you don't already have the Workout Creator installed, you'll be prompted to download it from the banner at the bottom of the "Custom" tab of the Workouts section of the app.


You can either create your own workout from scratch or copy a workout to use as a template.

Once you enter a name for your new workout and press "OK", you'll see the full workout creator where you can drag snippets into the base and customize however you want.

Using Snippets

The key to the Workout Creator is the interval snippets that can be dragged into the new workout and manipulated. Learn more about each snippet here.

Manipulating the Intervals

Option #1:

Click and drag the interval so it's exactly what you'd like.

The center dot moves the interval around in the workout.

Dragging the top center dot moves the intensity up or down.

Dragging the side dot will shorten or increase the length of the interval.

The top corner dot slopes the interval to make progressively more difficult or easy intervals.

Option #2

You can manipulate the length and intensity of an interval using the tool at the top of the screen.

Add text

Now that you've got a sweet workout, it's time to add some text to keep you motivated.

You can also add in a workout description and goals to remind you of the workout's purpose when it's in the app just like the other workouts in the TR workout library.

Publishing a workout

Once you publish the workout, it will be available for you to ride in the app. The easiest way to find all of your custom workouts is to use the 'Custom Workout' filter.


Do you already have a custom workout created in a different platform?

If you have an ERG or MRC file for your ride, you can import it directly into our Workout Creator. This article will show you how.

If you have a GPX file from Strava, Garmin Connect, Ride With GPS, or other mapping services you can use a third party app called BestBikeSplit to convert the GPX file to an ERG file which you can then import into the Workout Creator. You can learn more about that process here.

Did you make a workout and it's not showing up in the app so you can ride it? Here's how to find it.

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